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Why I think VR will be good for Golf?

Most people think that VR (virtual reality) is already here in the form of #swingstudios and the ability to play golf courses around the world all within the confounds of a small room but the future is so much more and we have only just started...
Golf & VR
Now I was listening to a podcast the other day and they were talking about the importance of VR and social media. The guy said that he had a virtual game of football, with the help of VR goggles he played on a full sized grassed football pitch which actually made you feel you were actually playing there. That's when I started thinking about how #virtualreality goggles would help #golf in the future. I hear you scream 'never me'. That's very true there is nothing better than walking outside and feeling the wind in your hair, or rain or cold.. sorry... back on track
Imagine having the ability to view a golf course through your VR goggles, the ability to see and feel the undulations on the greens. In fact our #scratchteam had won their division and the final was being played at a course that lots of us hadn't played before and might not be able to get the time to play due to working mum's and other commitments. How great would it be if we could view the course with our VR goggles and walk the course to get a feel, with perhaps a pro who walks you through the course giving you some tips of where to position your ball. How about those tricky holes where a layup club is required. Take out your 5 iron and make sure you miss that bunker, hazard or well positioned tree.
It can also be used to introduce golf to children, it could be brought into schools, groups or clubs. They would get to go on #virtualgolfcourses and be taught the #rulesofgolf and #etiquette and would give them the confidence to progress onto the real golf course. The benefits of VR are endless and shouldn't be dismissed.
Virtual reality has come on so much that I could actually see this working in the golf world but personally I still love being outdoors and can't beat playing the real thing but in a world of limited time it might just add another useful tool in the bag.

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