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Will the right Junior golf set help you get a lower handicap?

Well, yes it does…but how much difference?

The REAL question is — how much practise am I prepared to do with my new set of clubs?

There are countless junior golf sets out there and you really do need the right clubs with the right practise to get your handicap lower.  So where do you start? 

Let’s look at uskidsgolf for example: US Kids Golf are a market leader when it comes to kids golf clubs.  They use light-weight heads and their irons feature wider soles and low centre of gravity for more foregiveness if you hit a bad shot.

They even have a convenient measure tool so you can get the correct clubs for your height.  Club Fitting Guide is here.

The next one to look at is the Callaway Xj who have 3 sets ranging from XJ1 with 4 piece set, XJ2 - 6 piece set and XJ3 - 7 piece set.  All the clubs are ultra light so easy to swing.  All sets come in 3 levels roughly age 3-6, age 6-9 and age 9-12.  These are around $200.  


Taylor Made is also a favourite of ours as they have a mini head cover the same as Rory's which is so great.  

They look amazing and have a blue and pink version and have a slightly more limited size range from Age 4+ and an 8+ set compared to other makes.  At $299 they are slightly more expensive than the competition.

The Ping Prodi G Junior although more expensive than the others, it is a golf set that grows with your child.  For the age of 7-13 years old they offer if you buy at least 5 clubs at one time they will re-shaft, lengthen, re weight and re grip your clubs FREE OF CHARGE.  These are perfect for the junior golfer who has been playing for a while and wants to take their golf to a new level. Although an expensive outlay of £439 for a 6 piece set, in the long run this should be the only set you need until they go to the adult size. 


Finding the right clubs is important for a good junior golfer but depending on your budget there will always be something out there.  There is also a eBay for second hand clubs or speak to your friends or golf pro who may just have a set you can use.  

I just wish these were around when I was younger having to use cut down adults clubs that definitely grew my arm muscles and the loop in my swing I have now.

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